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Safety in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico

Alot of people who are planning a vacation or who are thinking of moving to Puerto Vallarta, are worried about the safety in this area. Which is understandable, after all there are some pretty mean things happening in Mexico, thanks to the Drug war. But how is the situation for people that really live here, or who are spending their vacation in Mexico?

If you ask anyone who’s been to Puerto Vallarta, they’ll probably scoff at concerns about safety, and for good reason. Downtown Puerto Vallarta has in alot of places and at alot of times, the feel of an American retirement community. Walking around areas like the Malecon, you’ll see swathes of grey and almost grey haired Americans and Canadians walking the streets, shopping, and eating, going about their day just as if they would at home.

The majority of the tourist population (and keep in mind, Puerto Vallarta is a tourist town, based and reliant on the tourist industry) are older so in terms of the danger you’re likely to encounter on their behalf, it’s fairly miniscule.

Finally, the issues you see associated with Mexico on TV like drug problems and gangs are not even on the radar of most locals at Puerto Vallarta. They happen so far away from this area that it’s a non concern, it’s not going to affect any of these people’s lives so they don’t care.

It’s been said that “Common sense is not all that common,” but it takes just a little to stay safe in Mexico or when venturing out in your own city or town. With the impact of the uncertain economy around the world, there are simply going to be more thieves and scam artists wherever you go. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind. Only bring what you need when you go out. When vacationing, take advantage of hotel safety deposit boxes or, at least, wear a money belt under your clothes for your passport and credit cards if you feel best keeping these items on your person.

There are places in your own neck of the woods that you would likely not go, or at least not go alone or at night, and Vallarta is no different. Taxis are relatively inexpensive in our city and are certainly a small price to pay to help ensure getting home safely. Overall, Vallarta is a very safe city, but why tempt fate? And no matter where you are, alcohol consumption impairs your judgment. If you overindulge in public anywhere in the world, you’re setting yourself up for potential problems.

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